Old Raiders Team Photo


        Back row: L. Tautongia, R. Taura, J. Puru, T. Bush ( Assistanct coach), P. Niuia (Secretary),  C. Murray-MacGregor (Treasurer), R. Silva, J. Motufoaki, K. Posesione, J. Saipaia
Middle row: B. Palalagi, L. Soloai, J. Ewe, N. Taylor, R. Slater, M. Brennan, M. Oliver, R. Taniwha, C. Timoti
Front row: O. Head, K. Utanga, T. Palalagi, L. Strickland, I. Abraham, N. Purea, T. Slater, K. Sionemale, G. Kelly, S. Patua, B. Thompson
Sitting: K. Palalagi (Ball Boy), M. Puru (Ball Boy) 
                                                      1990 TEAM PHOTO AND PLAY OFFS
In this team photo you are able to see a blast from the past as there are some current players shown in a youthful light and some retired players. This year was a memorable one with the Raiders making a golden run to the Kiwi Bowl with an accounting of the Hamilton Hawks in the fifth and fourth sudden death semi final. The following week the Raiders had a hard fought game against third placed Metro lions at Ngati Otara Park at Otara. The previous week saw the Lions lose to the second placed Mount Albert Mustangs. The Raiders held the lions right to the end of the game with a 2 point win 18-16. This victory lead them towards the Henderson Rangers who had lost a close one to the Mustangs at Mount Smart number 2 ground in front of a large crowd. The Rangers finished top seeds at the end of the regular season with a very mobile team, with the likes of Ian and Wayne Boyd running riot through many of the top competition's harden defensive units. This game also saw the Enu brothers make an out of soughts showing for the Rangers. With Wayne Boyd running sweeps all day, made the Raiders take an aerial pursuit with the eventual winner coming in the last 3 minutes with a 70 yard touchdown pass to Owen Head from Tony Bush. This set the scene for a vigorous final stanza. Wave after wave of attacks from the Rangers saw a race against time for both teams, however the clock was on the Raiders side with them eventually taking it 19-14.
This set up a second year in a row final with the Mustangs and the Raiders. Kiwibowl weekend saw the Mount Roskill Rams win the Challenge Cup (minor clubs final) over the Papatoetoe Wildcats 8-0. The big one yielded a titanic struggle which also attracted a crowd to suit the occaision (700 in attendance). The Mustangs were first out of the blocks with 2 first half towchdowns with only one of those T.D's being converted with a 2 point conversion for a lead of 14-0. At the midway of the third quarter saw the Raiders spark into life with a tochdown run from Robert Auimatangi which was converted by Taha Palalagi. This made the scorers post some points under the Raiders name on the scoreboard 14-7.
The fourth quarter saw a defensive clash which displayed no avenues for both offences to score. On the stroke of 6 minutes into the quarter saw a sweep play down the right side of the field with Brian Palalagi leading the way for Lavehoa Motufoaki who in turn used his speed to sqeeze down the touchline in restricted space to beat the tackle of free safety Mike Fepulia'i on his way for a 65 yard touchdown. The conversion however was blocked by a determined front line of the Mustang's defensive. The score now looked a little closer at 14-13 and now with only five minutes left it was going to be a fanatic ending to this Kiwi Bowl final. The mustangs were driving the ball downfield from out of there 45 yard line when a solid hit by Lester Soloai the outside line backer jolted the ball loose from the grasp of Joe Fepulia'i, which was then snapped up by the Raiders defence. The momentum had slightly shifted to the south auckladers and they drove down towards the post's. The Mustangs didn't wont to give up a touchdown so they restrtricted the Raider's offence to 15 yards. Having been presented with an opportunity to take the lead for the first time in the match the Raiders sent on their field goal team. Taha Palalagi had a 40 yard attempt and made no mistake by slotting it straight down the middle giving the Raiders the lead 16-14. This sent the crowd into a freenzy and both teams saddled up for the final 2 minutes.
The kickoff was a medium effort as it was fielded at the 20 yard line of the Mustangs half. The Mustangs started their charge to victory with a couple of sweeps to either side of the field and then a 20 yard pass with the receiver heading out of bounds at the 35 yard line of the Raiders half. Joe Fepuleai'i set about with three pounding runs to center the ball and then using their final time out to send on their feild goal unit. 
Joe Fepuleai'i had played a major role for his team in this Kiwi Bowl and he was called upon to make a 35 yard field goal. The Raiders sent alot of pressure however Fepuleai'i was able to get his kick off and stand and watch as it went through the post for a 
17-16 lead with just over a minute left. A gallant effort from QB Tony Bush just couldn't bring a last second  victory for the Raiders and with time up the Mustangs won their second Kiwi Bowl in a row. In conclusion the Raiders showed alot of determination to come from fifth place in the play offs to make the Kiwi Bowl final ahead of teams that they had lost to in the regular season.  

Raiders 2009-2010 Season

This season promised so much for last years Kiwi Bowl runners up, however a mid season slump with defeats from the Hamilton Hawks, Papatoetoe Wildcats and the Metro Lions saw the Raiders fall to fifth spot midway through the competition. With the team needing some fine tuned alterations to rejuvenate its title hopes, it saw the Raiders take a well deserved pre-Christmas victory over the Tamaki Lightning (19-nil) at Millhouse park to spur the the players into a joyful mood for the holidays. 
On the return after the new years the Raiders just couldn't shake a valiant performance from the North Harbour Pride who started the game very slowly but finished the better team with sustained pressure on both sides of the ball. The Raiders finally winning 28-16 at Center park in Mangere. With the bye week enforced and time to get over any niggling injuries the playoffs kicked into action with a shock defeat to the third place Hamilton Hawks by the Tamaki Lightning 19-6. This outcome almost set off a change reaction in the next game featuring the Raiders and the Pride. The Pride scoring two touchdowns in the first quarter to shock the crowd and the stunned Raiders players. After halftime the scores looking a little favorable in the Prides corner 12-9, they took the front foot by scoring another touchdown to extend their lead to18-9. The Raiders sensing they may be out of the hunt for a championship rallied together to score three touchdowns to stamp out the challenge of the gallant Pride team who never gave up on their chances throughout the game. The final score Raiders 30 Pride 18.
With the momentum of scoring 30 points against the Pride the Raiders had a tougher challenge facing them with the Metro Lions. Last seasons Champions. Having gone down 12 nil earlier in the season it was a mammoth task ahead of the team, which saw them hold out until 1:30 in the half. The Lions were on the the Raiders 45 yard line when they executed a brilliant screen pass play to the left side of the field, that ended in a rumbling Lions touchdown.
After the break the south aucklanders pressured hard against the Lions line where a safety was scored making the score 7-2 to the Lions. It was the final five minutes of the game where it all fell apart, with an interception for a touchdown to the Lions, and a pass and rushing TD's to finish the game. An indifferent ending to the game but a gutsy effort by the Raiders to make a improved finals run.
With the run down of the season for the club, it experienced a number of situations where players felt the harshness of defeat, and the highs of victory. Along the way a handful of new players experienced the passion of American football and the rich history of Raiders football. The club is looking forward to the 2010-2011 season that is only eight months away, and the collective efforts of the players who will start another challenge for Auckland's American Footballs greatest prize, the Kiwi Bowl.    


 13 Feb 2010

The Papatoetoe Wildcats are this seasons Kiwi Bowl Champions. With the final being played at the Waitakere Trust Stadium in front of a thousand plus crowd, the undefeated Wildcats were up against last seasons winners the Metro Lions, who finished as second seeds at the end of the regular season. During the opening weekend the Lions gave up a touchdown in the last minute and a half to the Wildcats to go down 8-9. That being the only time both teams played each otherseason, this was a show down between the two top teams.
The Wildcats dominated on both sides of the ball to completely shut any hopes of a Lions victory. The wildcats led the first half 9 nil with some devastating running, and a determined defence who had only given up 37 points all season, were out to prove a hefty point. The hits were hard and fast and every player who took part in this confrontation surely would had come out of this bruised and battered. Tim Hughley started at QB but during the course of the game Jesse Pilisi subbed in for him as they tried a way of penetrating the Wildcats defence. Tim shifted to running back with Alma Clayton leading the way at fullback. To no avail. The Wildcats kept pounding away at the Lions on Offence and Defence and it took its toll on their opposition. With the pressure surely telling on the Lions, they conceded two more TD's with the final one being scored on the stroke of full time.
A marvelous season for the Wildcats was capped off with a Kiwi Bowl championship. Congratulations to the Papatoetoe Wildcats for becoming this season's champions.

2009-2010 SEASON

13 March 2010

The team's prizegiving was held at the Mangere Cosmopolitan Club. Having had a year of indifferent results, the South Auckland Raiders senior players came together one more time to recognise the achievements of certain players throughout the season. On this night there were also three players who were honoured for their contribution to the club, by being recognised as Life Members. A Life Member is someone who has played ten years for the club, as well as helping out off the field . These three individuals were Kevin Palalagi, Tenawe Dave and John Ikinipi (who has shifted to the Manurewa Spartans). 
The awards for the night were Player's  Player Award,  Rookie of the Year, Most Improved player of the Year, Offensive Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year and Most Valuable Player of the Year. The first award was voted on the night by current players and coaches, and went to Harry Siono. His acknowledgement after the receiving the award was that it is the most sort after one for him, as it is recognition by fellow players of his efforts on and off the field. The next award went to Hohau Dave as the Rookie of the Year. He wasn't in attendance to accept his trophy so his father Coach Jeremy Ewe accepted it on his behalf. The Most Improved Player of the Year was a hotly contested award, which involved several players who have stepped up this year with their overall contribution to the team. This award was given to James Oaariki. 
The next award was presented by long time player and chairman of the club before retiring Brian Palalagi. He was charged with presenting the Offensive Player of the Year which was picked up by Harry Siono. This was his second award for the night. The Defensive Palyer of the Year was presented by the defensive coach Kevin Palalagi, who spoke of the dedication on and off the field of this individual. Their was no other palyers who came close this year of being in the same level as this recepient, and that was Sam Ngaue. 
The last award for the night was the Most Valuable Palyer of the Year. Head coach Jeremy Ewe was called upon to present this award. He was very honoured to present the MVP award to Harry Siono, for his ability to play at a high level on both sides of the ball this season. Harry was overwhelmed by receiving the MVP and noted as he stood to speak that he was grateful to be a Lineman, as this award was normally won by the skilled players in the team. Siono had had a marvelous season setting the standard in every game as to the level of football he was producing. The recognition given to those players tonight shows that the depth of the team is strong.

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